What is a Buyer’s Agent?

When a home is for sale, the real estate agent is on the seller’s side, working hard so they attract more buyers and get the best possible price. These experts are committed to delivering outstanding results and are astute, experienced negotiators.

A buyer’s agent represents the buyer, not the seller. Your Hallmarq buyer’s agent will go to work on your behalf, getting to know your wish-list and finding hidden gems before they come to market.

With a buyer’s agent on your team, you have the support of a professional who is exceptionally well connected and has an in-depth understanding of the real value of a property.

How Hallmarq helps property buyers

As your local property experts, our team is focused exclusively on the Northern Beaches and North Shore. This gives us detailed knowledge of what’s on the market and how much others are paying for homes right now.

Unlike a traditional real estate agent, we’re working for you, not the home seller. And by ‘working’, we mean keeping our eyes open and leveraging our contacts morning, day and night to find your ideal property and help you be the preferred buyer.

Right now, the trick to securing a home or investment is to get in quickly, ahead of the competition. At Hallmarq, we’re in touch with local real estate agents and property owners to help our clients view homes before they come on the market. This is a win/win as it saves the seller the expense of marketing or going to auction and it gives you a headstart as a buyer.

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