Welcome to Hallmarq! We are immensely proud of our independence and unique style, which gives each of our clients the benefits of working with a specialist local buyers agent. Hallmarq’s outstanding reputation is based on our ability to get to know our clients and always keep their best interests in mind. You’ll notice we are highly proactive and determined to find the home that is the right fit for you.

We help home buyers at every stage of their journey, from securing their first apartment to upgrading, downsizing or relocating from overseas. Covering all locations on the Northern Beaches & Lower North Shore, we take pride in our excellent local knowledge and extensive network of contacts. To give you the best possible service, we only work with around five clients at a time. This ensures a focused approach and highly favourable outcomes.

For Hallmarq founder Rebecca Jane Hall, a career in property has never been simply about the sale. Instead, she is focused on helping her clients find and secure their dream home at the right price, while providing customer service and detailed local knowledge that is second-to-none.

Rebecca takes the time to listen and find out what matters most to her clients. This allows her to deliver end results that not only meet but exceed expectations.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, return to Sydney from overseas or upsize to a property which will suit your family for many years, you can rely on exceptional advice and a ‘no stone unturned’ approach from Rebecca and her team of property specialists.

Rebecca mobile: +61 452 588 101

Laura has over a decade of property experience, having worked for one of Australia’s #1 real estate agencies and been co-owner of a successful building and renovation company on Sydney’s North Shore. Energetic and dedicated, her knowledge is complemented with a genuine passion to bring people and property together.

As a Senior Buyers Agent with Hallmarq, Laura takes a unique and holistic approach to ensure the very best outcomes for her clients.

Katarina´s passion is everything property. She is a licensed real estate agent and has over 20 years of local and international experience of real estate. She has a deep understanding of every step of the process and makes sure her clients secure the best properties as smoothly and stress free as possible.

As a Senior Buyers Agent with Hallmarq, Katarina loves to find ways to add value to properties and will always put her clients´ interest first.

Jodie brings over 20 years of real estate sales experience to Hallmarq, having worked with industry-leading agencies in Sydney’s east and northern beaches, and negotiating the exchange of multimillion-dollar properties.

Buyers request Jodie’s support because of her impeccable attention to detail and her dedication to nurturing and supporting her clients every step of the purchasing process. She uses her extensive knowledge from her sales background to give them the extra advantage for an exceptional outcome negotiated at the best possible price.

When you contact Jodie to help find your dream home or investment, you will notice she is constantly thinking outside the box and leveraging her widespread network of industry contacts uncovering more property options to provide you with the best opportunities to make an excellent purchase.

Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore property expert Helen can confidently say that she spends every day doing something she loves! She is a true people person whose experience has been moulded through years of dealing with individuals from all walks of life.

Helen worked in recruitment, banking and change management before transitioning to the real estate industry. She soon realised that her skills lie in finding homes for people rather than selling them.

When working with buyers, she aims to alleviate frustration and help discover flexible solutions for home ownership.

With over 10 years as a licensed real estate agent located on the Northern Beaches, Iolanda is excited to join the Hallmarq team as a Buyers Agent.

Passionate about a holistic approach to the property journey, Iolanda Trovatello keeps clients for life.

Iolanda combines a wealth of marketing and public relations experience, with savvy negotiation skills. Enthusiastic and energetic, she thinks outside the box and creates a bespoke experience unique to her client’s requirements.

Operating with authenticity and transparency in all she does, Iolanda is appreciated by both buyers and sales agents alike. Results and client focused, she consistently exceeds expectations match making client to their home or property investment. The journey to home with Iolanda is filled with calm, joy and success.

Why choose Hallmarq?

Local Property Experts

We focus exclusively on the North Shore and Northern Beaches.


Unlike a traditional real estate agent, we’re working for you, not the home seller.

Setting The Benchmark

Hallmarq is widely regarded as one of the best buyers agencies in our local area.


Rebecca and her team work morning, day and night to find your ideal property.

Skip The Open Homes

Say goodbye to endless weekends spent looking at properties that aren’t right.

Save Money

Our skilled team will negotiate on price for you and make sure you’re the preferred bidder.

Access Silent Listings

Not every property is advertised. We make the most of our contacts to find unlisted properties.

Long-term Support

Work with us to build your property portfolio and create a healthy financial future.

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