Hybrid working in the Northern Beaches – joining the home office revolution

Hybrid working in the Northern Beaches
Hybrid workers need a functional space to work from home. Check out some ideal home office setups and tips for hybrid life from a Northern Beaches buyer’s agent.

After many months of on-again, off-again lockdowns, it’s no surprise that a home office has become one of the most desirable features of an apartment or family home. With so many of us either working from home full time or going ‘hybrid’ (commuting to the office two or three times a week but otherwise working from home), having the right home office set up is a necessity.

So what should you be looking for in the ideal home office? Take a look at some of your options, as shared by a Northern Beaches buyer’s agent who has helped hundreds of families to purchase their dream home:

  • Separate space: Ideally, a home office will be a separate room from the rest of the house. It’s best to be away from anyone else who might be at home so you are less likely to be distracted. With that being said, you can still create a multipurpose space that acts as an office when it needs to. Lots of hybrid workers are creating home office/yoga studios or home office/gyms. Taking a break to do some exercise is a proven way to get the creativity flowing so having a workout space in your office is a cleverer idea than it might seem. You can also have a spare bedroom that doubles as a home office. Try not to make it a dumping ground for laundry or other items. It will be hard to feel professional when working amongst a mess.
  • Granny flat: For the ultimate separation, many people are building or renovating granny flats. Not only does this solution get you away from any noise in the main house, psychologically it puts you in a different space. Properties with granny flats, conversion-ready sheds, or room to build a small unit in the garden are more and more in demand these days. If you’re looking to buy, consider the value a granny flat or studio space could add.
  • Separate storeys: If you can’t have a granny flat but you have more than one storey, setting your office up on a different floor to the main living areas can be helpful. Any way to keep separate from the rest of the house is best so you can stay focused.
  • Study nooks: If you live in an apartment or a townhouse, finding an entirely separate space may not be possible. You may want to create a ‘study nook’ with a retractable desk and doors. This can go under the stairs or in a little-used corner of the home. You can shut the doors to have your work out of sight and out of mind after hours.
  • Desks: The final option is a ‘desk in a corner’. For smaller homes, this may be the only solution. Buying an adjustable desk that can be raised to give you a break from sitting can be helpful if you’re working for long periods of time. As much as possible, try to prevent your desk from being cluttered up with your family’s belongings (although this can be tricky when you have small children!).

When you’re looking to buy a home, don’t forget to remind your Sydney buyer’s agent what is important for you. Be vocal about including a home office on your list of must-haves.

Home office tips

Your workspace needs to be functional so you can be productive. Here are some of the items that will make your workday easier:

  • Wi-Fi: Wherever your workspace is, you need it to have reliable Wi-Fi access. If you need to, invest in a Wi-Fi booster that can ensure that the Wi-Fi will reach the office. If your home internet is letting you down, switch providers, there are a number of great plans on reputable networks available – and access is tax deductible.
  • Power: With a computer to run, a phone to charge, and a handful of other important gadgets, you will need a reliable power supply in your home office as well as a charging station to help keep cables tidy. It’s always wise to buy a surge protection power board to keep your electronics safe.
  • Headphones: Wireless, noise-cancelling headphones can be an enormous help if it is hard to get away from distractions. Even if you do have your own space, working from the suburbs means there is always someone with a lawnmower or leaf blower nearby.
  • Declutter: The fewer distractions around you, the better. In general a home office should be sparsely decorated and professional-looking, just like a traditional office.
  • Be video ready: Keeping clutter low is doubly important if you’re often jumping into video calls. It doesn’t look very professional to have stacks of stuff behind you. If it is hard to clear space because, after all, you do live here, use a blur background.

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