Top cups… our fave coffee spots on The Beaches

Looking for the best coffee on the Northern Beaches? There is a lot of competition but these are some of our favourites.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to coffee on the Northern Beaches. 

From Manly to Palm Beach and everywhere in between, it seems there is a coffee shop on every corner. And while nominating just one venue as having ‘the best coffee on the Northern Beaches’ is practically impossible, here are a few top picks from Rebecca and our extended team. 

Honeybee Boulangerie, Fairlight

If you ever head along Sydney Road by car or bus you will have spotted Honeybee Homewares at 178 Sydney Road. This delightful boutique stocks and imports quality brands from France including Cote Bastide, Astier de Villatte, La Rochere, Cote Table, Bougies La Française, Comptoir de Famille and Un Esprit en Plus. The store also stocks genuine French furniture and unique finds from French Markets.

And now there is Honeybee Boulangerie! This new bakery cafe opened in early 2020 and we have to say it is a new favourite for Rebecca and the team at Hallmarq Property Group. 

The coffee is delish and the treats are very hard to go past! Next time you’re in Fairlight, make sure you drop in to see what all the fuss is about (you will probably spot us there!) 

FIKA Swedish Kitchen

The word Fika is an important part of Swedish culture. It can be literally translated to mean ‘have coffee’ but the term itself relates to making time for friends and colleagues to share a hot drink and something to eat.

Having a break for Fika is essential in Sweden and apparently even the Volvo factory presses ‘pause’ on operations for a regular cuppa and chat. Manly’s FIKA is a little off the beaten track near the library and offers a cosy spot to take a break with friends. The venue has been around for several years now and is a big favourite with locals. Order a coffee and try some ‘Scandi’ dishes, including authentic Swedish meatballs.

The Beach Shed Dee Why

If you like your coffee with a side of salt spray, visit The Beach Shed in Dee Why. 

This venue is a “fresh food cafe where sandy feet are allowed” and has a near-perfect rating from hundreds of Google reviews. You can enjoy your coffee as well as a stunning ocean view and expect service with a smile.



Beco@Bungan, Beco@Newport, Become@Chelsea 

Further up on the Northern Beaches, Beco is establishing itself as another favourite. Regulars get to know the staff across one of their three locations and expect a consistently good coffee every time they visit. 

Beco is located in Mona Vale, Newport and Avalon so it’s no wonder there is a growing fan base. This family-run business encourages a positive attitude, with sweet quotes on the walls and tables that really inspire you and make your day. 

According to the owners, “In Portuguese, Beco means “a hidden place” but for us it was where our dreams came true! Today, Beco has a deeper meaning. It is where friends are made, relationships come to life and where the community can get together.”


What makes a coffee ‘the best’ anyway?

Why are some coffees so much better than others? It comes down to a few things.

First, your favourite coffee shop probably uses a high-quality coffee bean. This will deliver that smooth, creamy taste without the sharpness or ‘burnt’ quality. 

Then there’s the machine used to make it. High-end machines from the USA or Italy provide more consistent temperatures so you’re likely to have the same experience every time. This isn’t to say lower cost machines can’t deliver… it’s just that they’re not quite as consistent, particularly when serving at high volume. 

And finally it’s about your best friend, the barista. If you’re greeted by the same face every time you order, it’s likely your barista can get to know the way you like your coffee. If they’re worth their salt, they’ll do the same thing every time to make sure your ‘best coffee on the Northern Beaches’ is served your way. 


Want more advice about best-kept secrets on The Beaches? Talk to the team at Hallmarq Property Group.

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