Buying property: How to beat the crowds on the Northern Beaches

A Northern Beaches buyers agent can help you get ahead of the competition to be the winning buyer and get into your home sooner.

It’s no wonder people want to live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This beautiful area offers the ideal beachside lifestyle while being close enough to the city for minimal commuting times. The people are friendly, the ocean is welcoming and the coffee is top notch! 

The Northern Beaches are also incredibly family-friendly. Most suburbs offer excellent schools as well as playgrounds and recreational areas. This makes it popular for long-term residents and newcomers.

Buying on the Northern Beaches

When you decide to buy in this area, one challenge is ensuring you have the budget. With prices at a premium, you will need an absolute minimum of $700-800k if you want anything more than a one-bedroom apartment. 

Many home buyers find themselves frustrated, even when they have a generous budget of over $1.2-1.5 million. This is because time and time again they find a suitable place, only to have another bidder come along and top their offer. 

If you have been shopping on the Northern Beaches for some time but can’t quite get to the stage where you exchange contracts, you need the help of a buyers agent. 

Beat the crowds with a Northern Beaches buyers agent

Most properties you see online are sold following the same format: 

  • The agent meets with the seller
  • They list the property online
  • They hold several open homes
  • The sale is negotiated by private treaty or the property goes to auction and a premium price is paid

The problem with being the buyer in this situation is you are up against every other person who has seen the advertisement online, especially if you have no relationship with the selling agent. 

However, you’re not seeing the many properties which never make it to listing sites like or 

Many sellers are looking to sell without publicly listing their property, or to confirm a fast sale without a long and drawn out marketing campaign and auction. They ask their agent to put out feelers and look for a buyer as a way to maintain privacy or avoid costly marketing. 

These agents reach out to buyers agents who they know have a list of purchase-ready, finance approved parties. This makes it easy to present the seller with a select handful of qualified buyers who will only view the property because they are interested in making an offer. 

If you’re in touch with a Northern Beaches buyers agent who is actively seeking property on your behalf, they’ll check out the home first to make sure it meets your requirements. They’ll then get in touch with you so you can see the property ahead of the crowds. 

Often, your buyers agent can help you not only get in ahead of other buyers, they can save you from the auction process. By putting you forward as a preferred purchaser, they may be able to negotiate on your behalf for a pre-auction sale. 

And if the property does end up going to auction, you can ask your Northern Beaches buyers agent to bid on your behalf, saving you from the stress of turning up to these events week after week. 

Working with a buyers agent makes sense for a number of reasons. You are not only saved the stress of negotiating and bidding alongside every other eager Northern Beaches property buyer, you have someone on your side who can ensure you pay a fair price. This professional will also get to know your goals and find the right property for you so you don’t have to spend hours online or attending open homes. 


If you want to successfully buy property on the Northern Beaches, contact an experienced buyers agent at Hallmarq Property Group today. We can help you finally get off the property-search treadmill and get into your own home. 

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